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Which Running Shoes are Best for you and how to choose one?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Before you start buying Running Shoes, you should know which running shoes are the best fit for you and which are the ones that fulfill your Purpose.

here are the Major Things that you should keep in mind while Selecting Running Shoes.

First, Know your Body

Men and Women both have different and unique body structure which affect their Running Style.

Some differences are their height, lower body structure mainly the shape of their hips

and their basic anatomy which influences their Running Posture.

One can always go for the Unisex running shoes but now brands are creating gender-specific which carter to the needs of both men and women specifically.

Second, Where are you Planning to Run

There are 4 places that you might run on Trail, Road, Concrete, and Treadmill. Each surface requires a different type of Running shoes altogether.

If you are going to run on Roads or Concrete your choice of the shoe should be the one that Absorbe the maximum shock knowing these two surfaces are the hardest ones there is.

whereas running on Trails requires the shoe to have more protection, breathability (good airflow), and Grip on the surface.

Third, Purpose

For what purpose you are choosing the Running shoes is it meant for races, slow-paced runs, or Training (fast and slow runs both).

Races require the shoes to be Lightweight, Small, and designed for speed.wheras

Day to Day Training and slow-paced runs require the shoes to be higher on comfort and somewhat larger and heavier than the Racing Shoes

Fourth, Body Mass or Weight

When you are running, you exert force to the ground every time your foot lands which is almost 2 times your own body weight. Therefore the shoes should have a good cushion to absorb the impact on the ground.

If your weight is on the higher side and you choose a running shoe with less cushion, it will lead to cause stress on the joints like ankle, hips, and knee which is bad for your body.

but if you are light in weight, Running Shoes with more cushion will make you unstable during the run because your foot will not be able to adjust inside the shoes.

Fifth, Stability

"Normal Arch Foot, High Arch foot or Flat Foot"

Depending on which foot you have, your choice of running shoes should change.

"Normal Arch Foot" has the most stability while running as it is rightly aligned with all of the Running shoes.

"High Arch Foot" and "Flat Foot" have less stability while running as the foot can not perfectly be aligned with the Running Shoes which causes a wrong landing position leading to injuries. Now Brands are also making shoes that go well with these foot types and even help you cure it.

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